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Will Dinski On Being An Exhibitor And This Making Him Less Of A Customer At SPX 2013
posted September 21, 2013

Reading this part from your report:

"Some folks said that if there had been fewer people exhibiting many of them would have become buyers, which I'm not sure I all the way believe."

I didn't realize it until I read that, but this was my experience exactly. I spent a lot of money buying books at SPX in 2012, and bought one book from a table nearest to me in 2013. I knew there was good work out there, but because my sales were slow, I was reluctant to leave my table for very long. Even to eat. The overwhelming amount of exhibitors made me worry that I'd be away from my table for too long. Also, in the past, I tend to sell more books to other exhibitors. That happened much less for me this year.

Anyway. GREAT report. Just wanted to share my perspective. Your thoughts on these things always get me thinking differently and occasionally urging me to write an impulsive email.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: That is very interesting to know; thank you!