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Ethan Heitner On Ben Katchor’s Last Word Being Under-Appreciated
posted November 3, 2013

I know I'm coming in way late to this game, so feel free to ignore this, but I wanted to put forward Ben Katchor's book "Hand-Drying in America" as one of the most apparently under-rated contenders for Best of 2013. It's hard to judge how "under-appreciated" a book is, and a quick google search reveals that "Hand-Drying" did receive a number of prominent, glowing reviews, including in TCJ, the LA Review of Books, the Washington Post, the LA Times, NPR, etc.

But is anyone in comics really talking about this book? (I realize that may or may not constitute criteria for what it means to be under-appreciated). This is an amazing book, full of sharply observed commentary on what it means to be a citizen in our contemporary era, created by, y'know, the only MacArthur-certified genius I believe working in the entire medium of comics. And how did the news that Katchor has shifted entirely to digital tools for creating comics not generate more discussion?

Anyways, for what its worth, I'm reading it now and am amazed by it and grateful we have Ben Katchor.