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Michael Dooley On My Calling His Piece With Craig Yoe More Straight-Up Promotional
posted February 25, 2014

"* here's more of straight-up promotional piece than I'm used to seeing from Print, in support of Craig Yoe's reprint lines featuring horror comics from the pre-Code era -- at least I think that's what is going on there. There's some fun imagery in there."

I wrote a piece for Print magazine, "An Uncensored Look at Banned Comics." It turned out to be enormous. Scheduled for ten pages, it ran for twelve in the Feb. issue. And even then, much was left out, which I've been reworking for my Print online column over the past few months. Another one's coming soon, on The Winter Brothers vs. DC Comics.

I originally intended Craig's rant to be a sidebar. And I just planned to illustrate it with Mister Mystery's stick-a-hot-poker-in-your-eye cover. But as I was preparing it I realized it'd be better to use some of his Horror pages, since designers (myself included) like their features profusely illustrated. I even got to use a giant eyeball at the top.

And yeah, I provided Amazon links. It certainly seemed appropriate. But I just wanted you to know the backstory. Neither Craig nor IDW knew about or requested its use beforehand. Naturally, both were surprised by and pleased with my intro.

I mention Print's "Sex and Design" issue at the top of the second paragraph. And again at the very end, following the illos. I definitely intended it as a direct plug for the magazine. But that was it.

I do see and appreciate your perspective, Tom. And I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thank you.

All for now.