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Roger Langridge On That Hulk Cover By John Byrne And Terry Austin
posted July 14, 2014

Regarding this story:

That image comes from a Marvel Treasury Edition which reprinted the story you mention. I used to have it as a kid. (Still have it somewhere, probably - those tabloid-sized things survived any number of purges of my collection -- though I haven't laid eyes on it for a while.) I remember being put off by the story, which referenced a ton of comics I'd never heard of, but fascinated by the Herb Trimpe art; I think it was the first time I saw anything he drew, or close to it. I was already familiar with Kirby, but I don't think I'd come across Kirby filtered that particular way before. ("You mean there are other people who draw like that?!")

For some reason I never registered that the cover was by John Byrne until now.