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Kelly Kilmer On My Reading Of The Meltdown/Apartment Development Situation
posted July 14, 2014

You wrote on CR, "I can't even imagine a scenario where this would have any drastic effect on the store, but it should be noted. It could, one supposes, mean some disruptions and hassle. It's also hard for me to totally imagine the store in that same space once a giant apartment complex was hunkered down on top of it, but that's probably just me."

I live in West Hollywood. My family and I chose our apartment because it was situated between Golden Apple and Meltdown Comics. This is DEVASTATING news. Our area has been plagued with apartments (HOMES) and small businesses being completely demolished to make way for these expensive mixed use projects. In some areas, whole BLOCKS are being torn down resulting in what looks like a war zone. People are losing homes AND jobs. If this happens, I doubt that Meltdown will survive. Ask Gaston and his employees how they feel.

Please use some common sense and think about the impact on those involved before you write something like this again. This is NOT just a disruption or hassle.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: I'll ask. Certainly their opinion matters more than my own. My reading of the article was that they wanted to keep tenants, and my interpretation came from that, the lack of what I thought would be a significant pushback reaction on the store's site or via twitter if it were in danger of ceasing to exist (I could have just missed it), the store's general success, and the fact that it has moved once before in my memory. My reading does sound glib as stated, though. That kind of thing can be a significant blow, and they're not required to have a reaction to make my writing posts easier. Again, I'll ask.