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Jason Michelitch On Dean Haspiel Response To Requests For A Seth Kushner Alternative Donation Route
posted August 29, 2014

It might be a mistake to write in about this, but Dean Haspiel's response to the questions about Go Fund Me really bothered me. His argument is pure condescending nonsense. There's a world of difference between a national currency which is prohibitively difficult for anyone in a particular country to avoid, and a private corporation making a profit off hate speech and donations to a murderer. (Go Fund Me takes five percent of every donation.)

I'm not saying that Haspiel or Kushner shouldn't use Go Fund Me, and I understand that emotions run high regarding health issues of the kind Kushner is dealing with. My sincere sympathies go to him, his family, and Haspiel. I can understand not wanting to spend the time collating donations from disparate sources in these circumstances, and that alone should be sufficient response to anyone questioning the use of Go Fund Me. But the argument that we shouldn't care who profits off the use of our money because it's all the same money is just mind bogglingly illogical.