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Tommy Raiko on MoCCA 2006 Attendance Issues
posted June 12, 2006

Regarding your recent MoCCA note "One rumor going around the hall was that the Festival was not listed in various NYC newspapers' arts calendars, or at least not everywhere it could have been. (Feel free to Denounce This Rumor.) This would partly explain a smaller crowd."

For what it's worth, I do remember seeing a piece about Charles Burns' appearance at MoCCA in the appropriate issue of TIME OUT NEW YORK ( ) which, I would think, was just as influential as any NYC papers' arts calendars in getting butts in the door.

That said, sure I don't recall seeing any line listing about the Art Festival in typical NYC newspaper calendars--NY Press, Village Voice, L Magazine, The Onion, to say nothing of the mainstream NY Times, NY Daily News, NY Post, NY Newsday, NY Sun etc.--but I don't scrutinize those, so I certainly may have missed the listing.

*If* traffic was lighter this year than in years past, I wonder if anyone might suggest it to the loss of the Harvey awards. MoCCA's relationship with the Harveys was, I understand, somewat contentious, but perhaps having the Harvey event drove some traffic to the overall show...