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Jeremy Matthews On Another Potential Subject For The Comics Report
posted July 26, 2015

A suggestion on what your comics report could include: mentorship.

I read this morning the number of suggestions on education and comics (Kubert, et al) and often mentorship is an area rarely discussed.

Here in Seatlle it seems the practice has been kept alive through Stefano Gaudiano who helped Southworth and Theis get into the industry. Moritat had helped Brandon Graham way back. Mike Grell had his studio with Hoberg, Snoddy, and Lurine Hanies. Then there was Ron Garney who assisted Denys Cowan. Perhaps Joe Keating and Rob Liefeld -- heck Liefeld's entire studio has produced more top line talent then anyone (Rapmund, Hories, Matsuda, Nauck, Ande Park, Chap Yaep, Danny Miki, Eric Stephenson!).

To me the risks and rewards of mentorship seems like such an unusual path, it might be revealing to learn what each of these names and others saw in the persons they help

The other suggestion would be on Gaijin studios which in the 90's was the Atlanta based home for Adam Hughes, Brian Stelfreeze, Tony Harris, Joe Phillips, Karl Story, Cully Hammer, Jason Pearson, and others. This group has me curious as to why it's after they leave disband the studio each finds greater success.

Tom Spurgeon: That's a great suggestion, and I'm enamored of the idea as Rob Liefeld as being particularly good at this!