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Gerry Alanguilan on Grant Morrison on Frank Miller’s Batman Vs. Al Qaeda
posted September 4, 2006

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I'm at least glad that Frank Miller doesn't exist to impress Grant Morrison.

While it is an interesting diatribe, funny and well written, it's also nonsensical. One must serve according to his or her own talents, interests and personal circumstances. A soldier fights because he must. That is what he does. Why would Frank Miller risk life and limb when he has a weapon far more powerful than any gun, bomb or weapon of mass destruction? He has the power of words. And he has written some of the most powerful in the history of comics. That is what he does. And I wouldn't have him anywhere else.

Although I do concede that the comic book in question does make you scratch your head and say, what the fuck?, if it was any another writer I would have as easily written it off as Grant did. But I'm always ready and willing to give Frank Miller the benefit of the doubt, and see what he's got up his sleeves. He just might end up surprising all of us.