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Stephen Robson On The Passing Of Jiro Taniguchi
posted February 13, 2017

Taniguchi-San Dies On February 11, 2017... aged just 69. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues who will all miss him dearly.

imageMy village church clock has just struck noon on a cold and wintry day here in South Lincolnshire, UK and it sounds as sad as I feel at the passing of one of the most creative talents I have had the pleasure to come across and the honour to publish in English.

From our first offering of his work in The Waking Man in 2004 to the collected A Distant Neighborhood last year and on to Furari this spring and, we hope to many more titles in the future, he has given much delight, thought and entertainment to his many readers. We will strive to keep his work alive in both English and Spanish and hope you will continue to enjoy his masterful storytelling and wonderfully realistic art.

Meanwhile, here is the measure of the man when he has an obituary on our very own Auntie Beeb (translator’s note: B.B.C.).

May he be at peace in his very own Distant Neighborhood.

Robson has published Mr. Taniguchi in English for several years.