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Michael May On The Appeal Of Movie Wolverine
posted February 21, 2017

imageSome thoughts on why Movie Wolverine connects with me long after the comics version quit doing so:

One of the most compelling things about Comics Wolverine when he first joined the X-Men was his intense desire to become a member of that family when everything about him (and a few members of the team) suggested that he was better off as a dangerous loner. As a pretty lonely kid who fantasized about being a lone wolf, but knew that deep in my soul what I really wanted was acceptance and community, I related to Wolverine quite a bit.

Comics Wolverine long ago found the acceptance he was looking for (as a member of every superhero team in the Marvel Universe for a while there), but Movie Wolverine is still looking for it. He may be tall and handsome, but when the scripts allow, Hugh Jackman is awesome at revealing the lonely, suffering man beneath all the grim and grit and awesome claws.

There's also this line in the first X-Men movie where Rogue asks Wolverine if it hurts when he unsheathes his claws. His response is, "Every time." That's another aspect of the movie character that I like. In the best Wolverine movies, he's not rewarded for helping people. Instead, it usually brings him pain, but he does it anyway. Usually not without hesitation and often after an argument, but that only highlights his heroism when he ultimately acts. That's summed up really well in the dialogue in the Logan trailer where Wolverine says, "Someone will come along (to help)," and Xavier replies, "Someone already has." I'm probably going to need tissues when I watch that film.