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Rodrigo Baeza on Will Eisner
posted January 5, 2005

Rodrigo Baeza
via the Internet

While Will Eisner's passing comes as sad news to the comics community, we can at least take some comfort in knowing that, unlike other comics creators from his generation, Eisner managed to retain the copyright to a large quantity of his most important work, managed to receive well-deserved praise and recognition from outside the comics community for his work throughout his career, and managed to keep a substantial part of his work in print, some of it decades after its original appearance. With other Golden Age creators dying in relative obscurity, their works and accomplishments mostly forgotten, knowing that Eisner's work will still be easily available for
new generations of readers should come as no small consolation.

(In other news, the DC obituary mentions that Eisner's graphic novels will switch over to W.W. Norton by the end of this year, something I comment in my blog, and which you might find interesting.)