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James A. Owen on Will Eisner
posted January 5, 2005

James A. Owen
via the Internet

I don't know what to say.

Will was one of my best supporters, and always stopped by my booth in San Diego to say hello. I met him in 1986, on the first comics panel I ever participated on. We've been infrequent correspondents ever since.

My favorite Christmas gift, ever, was the Smithsonian Book of Comic Book Comics, which had several SPIRIT stories within.

My most treasured piece of art is the illustration Will did of my own character, Ezekiel Higgins, for STARCHILD #0.

One of my most prized letters is one from Will, offering a compliment on one of my books - which he had asked for, saying he wanted to "stay current" with my progress as an artist.

He was truly a good man, and a valued mentor, and a great, great inspiration, and my heart just aches, missing him.