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Dan Shahin of Hijinx Comics on Atlantis Fantasyworld
posted January 16, 2005

Dan Shahin
Hijinx Comics

I read your blog quoting the fellow who was baffled by Atlantis Fantasyworld's policies and store layout. I've been to many comic shops in my time, and Joe Ferrara's store is one of the best laid out stores around, period. Atlantis is one of the few shops with genre divisions and artist feature sections, so everything the gent was looking for was likely neatly displayed and labelled in a related section.

As for refusing to sell an entire stack of one issue to a single unknown customer, that's store policy at my stores and almost every single other store I know of across the country. With Ebay speculators running around, and the small print runs on current comics, it's a prudent policy to make sure you have comics for your regular customers. You left out the part where Joe discerned that the customer was shopping for door prizes and sold him multiples of some back issue comics that the recipients would love, and kept his regulars happy.

I'll admit that the typical comic shop may be tough to navigate for a newcomer, but Joe Ferrara's Atlantis Fantasy World is not your typical comic shop. Joe is one of the most respected retailers in the industry and a personal friend, so I'd really appreciate you settingthe record straight.