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Ralf Haring on Gerhard Haderer
posted January 20, 2005

Ralf Haring
via the Internet

Fyi, you misspelled the German title. It is "Das Leben des Jesus" and not "Das Laben De Jesus".

I also looked this up on a German news site and they confirm that it was in absentia. They say when it was first released in Austria in 2002, it also caused some degree of outcry there among church officials and politicians. In February 2003, the Greek edition was confiscated by the Greek government and he was brought up on charges by the Greek Orthodox church. He was sentenced to six months or a monetary fine that has not been determined. His lawyers will appeal.

Apparently the content that was objectionable was that Jesus is portrayed as having received his visions from frankincense, is constantly high, and is shown as a naked surfer on the Sea of Galilee.

The Frankfurt Allgemeine newspaper has a picture of him online at