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July 18, 2007

Britain’s Convicted Danish Cartoons Controversy Protesters Sentenced

All over the wires at this very second (early morning MT in the US) is news that the four men convicted for various actions at protests instigated by the publication of Muhammed caricatures in a Denmark newspaper have been sentenced to jail for their crimes. Mizanur Rahman, Umran Javed and Abdul Muhid were convicted at separate trials, and received two sentences today: six years for soliciting murder and three years for stirring up race hate. The three years will be served concurrently with the six. Abdul Saleem was cleared of the soliciting murder charge but was sentenced to four years for a race hate charge.

The incident took place in London in February of 2006, and involved the man indicted playing a role in directing or exhorting the 300 protesters that showed up. Although there was some buzz early on that the trials, which kicked off in the second half of 2006 to much publicity, were an excuse for officials to cut off the head of an increasingly agitated and potentially troublesome young Muslim community through the largely indefensible excesses of rhetoric used at the protest, discussion along those lines has all but vanished since. The oldest of the four men is 32; the youngest 24.
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