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July 21, 2014

By Request/Assembled Extra: Katie Skelly Launches Operation Margarine Follow-Up My Pretty Vampire


The cartoonist Katie Skelly, whose Operation Margarine launched successful for AdHouse Books this Spring at the MoCCA Festival and was the first book in that publisher's 2014 new-release youth movement, has announced a new project for digital and potential eventual print publication.

My Pretty Vampire launched yesterday on Skelly's Tumblr. It's digitally colored, and employs limited animation effects, both of which may be somewhat of a surprise for fans of a cartoonist best known in print for her stark black and white work. The on-line release of the material in part facilitates the use of both of those effects, Skelly says in introducing the new series.

A black and white print mini-comic version is set to debut at this year's Small Press Expo.

No formal publishing home beyond Tumblr and that mini-comic was announced. Both of Skelly's previous books, this year's Operation Margarine and 2012's Nurse Nurse (with Sparkplug), enjoyed a life previous to collection as numbered series of black and white, self-published minis.

I'm interested in cartoonists turning around with new material so quickly after previous publication, although of course several cartoonists work on overlapping projects, particularly in serial form. I do believe that digital avenues facilitate a tighter turnaround between book projects, or at least our public perception of them -- this is another way they fulfill the role previously head in art comics by one-person alt-anthologies.
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