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October 29, 2013

CBR: DC Is Moving The Rest Of Its Publishing Offices To Burbank


You should go read CBR's story here rather than have me swipe all the details, particularly if you're interested in more than a few sentences on it. That's only fair. Good work by them. They have the full text of the letter they secured and you should also read that there.

Here are a few sentences. It looks like the decision to move DC to Burbank was announced to higher-ups in the last several days. As you recall, the office has basically been split since the takeover of Diane Nelson and the general regime change of a couple years back. Leaving the East Coast is a big, big deal in a lot of ways, primarily, I'd say, historically, what with New York being by far the city with the biggest claim of being the home of American comics publishing -- the presence of both big comic book publishers (and a third nearby, Archie, and the grandest name in comic strips King Features) has been a big a part of that. Secondarily: this is a big cultural shift, just in terms of people wanting to go to New York versus LA to do their industry business and the kinds of people that will begin to find work in comics because of their close proximity to companies. (You will likely see people write: "It hasn't really been the industry town I remember since XXXX" but don't pay them much heed; this may even be true beyond the fact that we all remember the communities of our early 20s with a certain fervent nostalgia, but there are more important ways that a company anchors a community than being the facilitating agent of a cocktails night.) There are potential ways a move could have an impact on the business, but there's a potential just as strong that there will be very few changes at all. Call it a potential precursor there until more is known.

The initial details say that everyone that wants to will be allowed to move and they are targeting 2015. Anyway, go read, there will be a ton of talk and word-making because of this decision. It is a big deal historically, about as big as can be without someone just giving up the ghost and shutting down.

We wish the best of luck to those that have a difficult decision to make in the coming months about where to live and to work.
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