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April 20, 2012

Chris Roberson Ends Relationship With DC Alluding To Creator Rights Issues Including Before Watchmen

Writer Chris Roberson's announcement he'd soon be ending his relationship with DC Comics and that their general treatment of creators as evinced through the Before Watchmen and Siegel Family counter-suit stories was a factor in his decision whipped around the superhero-focused parts of the comics Internet yesterday. JK Parkin has a nice summary post here. Roberson's well-received title iZombie was recently announced for cancellation. He has an arc on Fairest remaining.

Update: Roberson was apparently paid for his work turned in thus far on Fairest, but will not be writing that arc. Draw your own conclusions there, but seriously, remember that this happened.

The idea that a writer would choose not to work for a publisher because of their displayed stance on the general treatment of their creators -- despite an apparently copacetic relationship with the various editors with whom he worked directly -- runs counter to conventional wisdom that while creators may have some sympathy for the plight of other creators that most of them will continue to take whatever jobs are available in a tough, restrictive market. This is an additional blow to DC in that they're competing right now at something of a perceived talent deficit despite well-received editorial moves over the last year; developing talent would seem to be a high priority for them, and Roberson is a well-regarded writer with room to become a breakout star. Roberson doing this and stating it for the record are laudable acts.
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