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July 11, 2007

Cold Cut Distribution For Sale

Cold Cut Distribution, one of the few remaining distributors of comic books to the Direct Market system of comics and hobby shops following the exclusives period in the middle 1990s, is up for sale according to this post at the company's livejournal site. The sales notice indicates that a new owner could continue working the comics industry margins as Cold Cut has for 13 years, or be repositioned in various way to serve tangentially related markets. That notice also indicates that the company will not close in the mean, nor will the attempt to sell in and of itself have any effect on discounts or terms of sale.

Cold Cut has an interesting history of trying to position itself as a viable alternative for shops on books that were increasingly taken away from them as more and more people decided to work closely and even exclusively with dominant-market distributor Diamond. This meant becoming a re-order specialist for the books available to them. The last time I can recall the company making the news was when it abolished a tiered-system in pursuit of a better way to present itself as an order alternative. The company was founded in 1994.

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