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September 30, 2014

Comic Arts Brooklyn 2014 Announces First Round Of Guests And New Split Schedule Approach


You can see most of the pertinent information above. Julie Doucet strikes me as a significant get, she doesn't really do shows anymore I don't think. It's the usual strong guest list for a very good show.

Their statement about the split day scheduling:
"Comic Arts Brooklyn (aka CAB) will expand this year to both Saturday, November 8 and Sunday, November 9. The indy-oriented festival is trying something new this year. Books sales and signings will take place only on Saturday at the Mt. Carmel Church in Williamsburg, with two floors of 100+ vendors. Panels and interviews will be held on Sunday at The Wythe Hotel, also in Williamsburg.

'We want to give more artists and exhibitors the opportunity to come to the presentations,' said CAB organizer, Gabe Fowler, 'Often the very people who want most to see creators speak are unable to attend. CAB wants to change that equation.'

For the second year cartoonist Paul Karasik is coordinating the programming. The guest list includes Roz Chast, Richard McGuire, Raymond Pettibon and Art Spiegelman. 'We have some cool surprises about the specific panels to be announced in the coming weeks," Karasik notes, 'But, let's just say for now, that if you are a Charles Burns fan, you might want to circle Sunday, November 9.'"
I'll be in attendance and hope you will be, too. I might have to come back into the city for Sunday, though.
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