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September 20, 2007

Comics Industry Staff Change Notes

Here are some recent staffing changes at various comics related companies, and/or notes on same:

* Never exactly a secret but now official, industry veteran Tom Fassbender has joined Boom Studios in the position of Vice President of Publishing. This is the same company that recently added longtime writer Mark Waid as its Editor in Chief.

* Here's an embarrassing blind spot. I guess I'd heard rumors via e-mail from someone that there was something up with the workplace status of well-regarded Executive Editor Scott Dunbier at WildStorm, but I don't follow that end of comics closely enough to know that he is, apparently, gone now and that Ben Abernathy is filling that void at the company, whether or not with the same title I can't tell. This story could be worth noting because of of WildStorm's perceived to be not super-great recent publishing performance, and Dunbier's popularity with several top industry talents.

* To update a story about Sean Collins' departure from Wizard, where I indicated Mr. Collins being laid off was likely a part of a wider staff-cutting at the company, here's a list of people that were recently at Wizard Entertainment that are no longer at Wizard Entertainment.

+ Adam Bekian (Conventions, was actually let go a few weeks back)
+ Deirdre Brooks (Conventions)
+ Sean T. Collins (On-Line Editorial)
+ Thorin McGee (from the canceled Inquest magazine effort)
+ Mike Scigliano (Conventions; gave notice rather than being let go)
+ Jeremy Smith (from the canceled Inquest magazine effort)
+ Suzzee Uy (Design Department Intern)
+ Jeff Walker (Design)

At the advice of a current Wizard Entertainment employee, I ran this list past the company's Drew Seldin, who confirmed its accuracy. Also, my original story about Collins indicated he was the on-line magazine's editor rather than its managing editor, which as I was once the managing editor of a comics magazine to another person's editor, I should have made clear. I regret the error.

Also, it's totally badass that they had a guy working for their gaming magazine named Thorin.

Update: I just received a nasty note from Mr. Seldin accusing me of editorializing the Mike Scigliano section. The only thing I can figure is that a change I meant from "gave notice" to "gave notice rather being let go" meant to imply that Scigliano gave notice so as not to be let go. What I meant was to make the distinction between giving notice and what happened to Mr. Collins.

* A press release from Drawn & Quarterly yesterday announced that they've hired Jamie Salomon to the position of Controller at the arts-comics publishing company. Salomon will take charge of the companies financial reporting and accounting operations; the McGill graduate had overseen the publisher's finances for the last half-decade while an employee of Montreal accounting firm Rabinovitch Luciano. Salomon has comics editing and publishing experience of his own.
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