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May 21, 2007

Congratulations to 2007 CCS Graduates!


Above is a scan of the Center for Cartoon Studies' first "Certificate of Completion" (they'll be called diplomas after Vermont gives CCS permission to grant degrees). They were designed by Ivan Brunetti.

James Sturm reports that graduation day speaker Patrick McDonnell doodled on every student's certificate and gave each graduate an inscribed "Art of Mutts" book. Apparently McDonnell's strip for the week of May 14 showed Earl and Mooch preparing the speech, although I'm not sure given King Features policies you'll be able to find those anywhere.

Local newspaper coverage can be found here.

My congratulations to all of the graduate, and to James Sturm and Michelle Ollie and all the instructors and staff on a their last "first." Starting a school may be the most impressive thing anyone I know has done that isn't making human beings in their bodies.

Below please find the back cover of CCS's face book. Written by Inky Solomon; drawn by Joe Lambert.

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