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March 29, 2010

Cartoonist Uses Rape Metaphor To Describe Passage Of Health Care

imageSo I guess a conservative political cartoonist has employed a rape metaphor to depict the recent legislative victory by President Obama and Congressional Democrats on the issue of health care. You can read analysis and criticism of the cartoon here and here. I actually think all such imagery and statements are fair game -- the subject of another post this morning, Zapiro, has done like 10 hold-'em-down rape cartoons featuring South African President Jacob Zuma -- but that it's more than fair to analyze and criticize the employment and appropriateness of such extreme metaphors. In other words, I support every cartoonist's right to do ridiculous, even shameful cartoons; I also support that they be called on same.

I tend to find such efforts sad and silly, in equal amounts. The two things I wish people would do when folks in the political realm decide to pull out these giant destruction-of-republic jeremiads and ramp up agencies and actors going about their business as historical travesties on an Emmerichian scale is a) demand consistency across the board and immediately stop paying any attention to someone who isn't consistent but is instead pushing politics as sport, b) hold critics that froth at the mouth over things like the destruction of the nation to some kind of timetable towards this guaranteed Armageddon when they don't get whatever political victory they want. I'm not waiting up, though.
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