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March 10, 2011

Court Challenge To Zunar Book Ban Moved To April 27

imageA challenge to a ban on books created by the Malaysian cartoonist Zunar has been moved to April 27, seemingly to facilitate some legal business that needs to be done before that petition can be properly heard. This is the publisher's petition on behalf of 1 Funny Malaysia and Perak Darul Kartun, which challenges the government's assertion that these are dangerous tomes that lead to civic unrest in part by pointing out that these were on-line for a long time before print publication without anyone rioting or destroying property. I think that while no one's saying this out loud, and this is mostly a guess on my part, the thinking in some circles may be that the government wasn't seriously interested in the ban for any reason other than harming Zunar's ability to conduct business by disrupting the book's print publication. There's a parallel petition that the article mentions, one that covers another Zunar work, although it's difficult to ascertain its progress.
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