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June 27, 2014

CRB: Allison Baker Joins IDW As Director Of Operations; Baker’s MonkeyBrain Comics To Remain As Is

Here. You should just go read it. I'm not a big fan of marking stuff as "exclusive" -- I think it's an SEO game that helps turn news into an announcement-fest and drives attention away from the fact that we should all have original content going all of the time. It can also restrict information to protect the exclusive when it's a news story rather than a moment of new access (Frost/Nixon) that's in question. Still, I'm also very much not a fan of lifting facts from someone else's story beyond the basic I need. So please get the details over there.

As for commentary on the story, I've had really positive experiences with Allison Baker in her role as co-owner at the digital publisher MonkeyBrain Comics, particularly in terms of the professionalism exhibited in our direct working relationship whenever that pops up. In addition, her people seem to feel very strongly about her. She also has real-world working experience at a level equivalent to her gigs in comics, which is a lot rarer than you'd think. So she seems perfectly suited to that job. It also says something about IDW's success over the last 36-48 months that they can make use of someone with that skillset doing those things.

What I'm super-confused about, particularly when this is billed as a news story rather than as an announcement or a press release, is no word at all in the published piece I can see as to whether or not this closes, changes or moves (from Portland to San Diego) MonkeyBrain. I'll try to find out and will update here.

Update: I sent three quick questions to Baker and her husband, the writer and MonkeyBrain co-owner Chris Roberson.
1) Is MonkeyBrain done?
2) Is MonkeyBrain different now and if so, how?
3) Given that you and your company have a strong Portland, Oregon identity, [I wondered:] will you and your company be moving?
Their responses, via Roberson in contact with Baker and on their behalf:
1) Nope, Monkeybrain Comics is still alive and well!

2) It's business as usual, actually. I've taken over more of the day-to-day operations, since Allison will have her hands full with her new position at IDW, but otherwise things will continue on as they have. The company is still wholly owned by the two of us, and always will be.

3) Monkeybrain HQ will remain here in Portland in our Tardis-colored house, and Allison will be commuting to San Diego, spending workdays there and weekends and holidays here. We've decided to call it "co-locating," which is an existing word with a different definition, apparently, but we're stealing it and using it to mean "living in two places."
My thanks to Roberson and Baker on the rapidity and specificity of their responses on a Friday afternoon.

I wish Baker and her new employer all the best.
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