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November 8, 2010

David Pope Named An Australian Cartooning Association’s Cartoonist Of The Year


According to various Australian new sources, the Canberra-based cartoonist David Pope has won the 2010 Cartoonist Of The Year Award. The award, from the Australia Cartoonists' Association, was given out during a program in Melbourne on Saturday night. Pope was one of six finalists. He has been with The Canberra Times since 2008 and has been drawing for Australia's alternative press for more more than two decades. Australia has as rich a tradition of editorial cartooning as any country, and seems to highly value its unique contribution to the newspaper page and the historical trends and attitudes the form embodies.

Pope thanked his predecessor at the Times, the longtime editorial cartoonist Geoff Pryor. Pryor had in fact recruited Pope to the paper as an illustrator, and endorses his successor here.
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