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December 7, 2009

DC Announces Yet Another Modern Reformulation Of Iconic Characters

It's probably a really bad sign for both DC and myself that I have no idea if this is a big story, that I'm completely untethered from figuring out just how big because of a combination 18 sort-of similar efforts over the last ten years and general "this changes everything" hype resistance developed over 15 years of exposure, and that I could not with a gun to my head describe to a person asleep for the last 36 months how this isn't just the All-Star announcement except with slightly less interesting creators (your opinion may vary) and the comics bound from the beginning.

The only thing I get out of this in the slightest that might be interesting is if this is a full-bore announcement they're done with the serial model and the Direct Market, that the old way of doing things sits in coach now, but my guess is they're going to have their dependable, deteriorating, revenue-generating cake and have a look at that cake "through modern eyes" as well.

I mean, I know I'm not the audience, I really do. And I know the creators work hard and know way more about making comics than I do, but that picture of Alfred they show looks like the most unimaginative, obvious, catch up to it at 3 AM on Action Max, all the cast members on Oprah boring thing in the world, like if Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon had been cast in the roles of M and Felix Leiter in the Daniel Craig Bond re-jiggering. It's all in the execution, I guess.
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