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August 2, 2006

DC Institutes Adjustments Program

This is a fairly big and I think fairly positive news story, thoroughly leaked by now but I preferred the write-up here for clarity. Basically, the DC Final Order Cut-Off program institutes a series of standards by which direct market (comic shop and hobby store) retailers can adjust orders on certain groups of books according to certain time constraints. This is desirable in order to both better control one's supply and to react to shifts in demand for certain products. As the article notes, Marvel has a similar program and DC has been trying out this type of ordering with its weekly series 52. Although the linked article doesn't mention it, I believe that Marvel's program was in many ways a response to the issues raised in the Brian Hibbs-led lawsuit against the company for not meeting the obligation of its strict sales terms. Although in a perfect world these types of programs would be the result of a conscious effort by these companies to improve the system rather than a forced to/reacted to model, no one should complain about the original impetus when the end result is greater control given to those on the front lines of retail.
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