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March 31, 2005

DC Murders Annoying Minor Character to Launch Dopey Cosmic Mini-Series

DC has apparently sold out of a one-shot actually called "Countdown to Infinite Crisis," a prelude to yet another cosmic mini-series with a title that sounds more like a MAD Magazine parody of the same. When a mainstream American comic book reports a sell-out, all that means is that early re-orders wiped out however many they overstocked, not that they're necessarily flying off the shelves or even huge, gigantic sellers -- although in this case, I imagine that they're doing pretty well moving off the shelves and it is indeed a pretty damn big seller. You shouldn't be surprised. After years of aggressively sculpting some areas and delicately shaping others, the direct market now looks pretty much like the giant, clay Lionel Ritchie head the big companies want it to be, and it's perfectly logical that they're able to move whatever effort they strongly back through it with only a minimum of blood and fuss.

I think the things I like most about these series content-wise is how DC has been tying them into the death of various characters. Only in DC's largely-in-awe-of-itself collective mind would some goofball in a bug outfit kicking the bucket lend gravity to a potential world-destroying event.

Alan David Doane notes this review by Abhay Khosla.
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