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March 1, 2010

DC Switches Lawyers In Siegels Case

The invaluable Jeff Trexler, who has been closely following the Siegels/Superman case against Time Warner and DC Comics for Blog@Newsarama, has picked up on two legal moves by the DC team: 1) firing their outside counsel of Weissman Wolff Bergman and replacing them the higher-profile Daniel Petrocelli, best known for his win on Disney's behalf in the long-running Winnie the Pooh legal battles; 2) dismissing outside counsel Frost Zelnick, who provided legal expertise in the area of copyright termination.

Trexler notes that the first could be preparation for a move into direct legal confrontation as opposed to the cycle of court-ordered negotiation into which the case has more recently progressed -- the move to Petrocelli in itself could be seen as an aggressive move, although I can't imagine it'd be one likely to sway or intimidate the Siegels' legal team as much as it might frighten you and me, by which I mean "at all." My completely uneducated hunch is that one could also interpret the move in terms of extending the case through the likelihood of a more pernicious point-by-point resolution allowing for the current custody situation and the options that come with same to continue to some perceived benefit.

I'd love to re-present a lot of Trexler's more specific points through cut-and-paste, but my hope is that you'll read his coverage at the site that's hired him to provide it.
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