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May 9, 2005

DC to Start Using New Logo

imageDC Comics will soon start using the logo at right. It seems far uglier and less versatile than the previous, Milton Glaser-designed one -- Evanier has 'em all up for comparisons' sake -- but since it's a freaking logo it's hard to get worked up about it. It does sort of look like a pro Ultimate Frisbee team logo, I have to admit: "The DC Whammos."

I guess there's stuff to be inferred from a new logo and statements in the corresponding softball NYT article by Warner Brothers Entertainment executive Kevin Tsujihara along the lines that Time Warner is interested in making the moves necessary to maximize profits from its comic-book division -- that the expectation of profits up and down company's various divisions will be there from now on, at the very least. That's fair enough, although I'd suggest sandblasting the sales and marketing departments had already made that pretty clear.

Newsarama updates with a DC mock-up. Go Whammos!
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