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January 16, 2009

Diamond Ends Adult Previews Print Supplement; Raises Minimum From $1500 to $2500?

I've heard now from a pair of sources that Diamond is planning to raise its minimums from $1500 to $2500 and is ending the print iteration of its adult comics supplement. My only worry is that I can't get someone from Diamond to confirm this, so God knows if it's true, and additionally I'm not certain if this is a) brand-new brand-new or b) the conclusion of a string of events/announcement of an old policy that was set in motion last summer or even earlier.

Now I see one publisher has published the exact same thing themselves.

If true and new, this could have a obvious negative effect on many small publishers, both the ones that make dirty comics and the ones that publish a variety of lower-selling titles that may have scraped by under the old system. A lot of the effects of the minimums being raised would be in how that policy would be executed, of course -- how much leeway might be afforded publishers to get orders to a certain point, or how much more quickly a lower-selling title might lose its exceptions given the higher hurdle to be cleared. It might also be a sign of a general tightening of belts to come.
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