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August 19, 2008

Dick Hyacinth Asks: What Were The Good Superhero Comics Of The 1990s?


Here. While I'm not so interested in hashing out various opinions regarding the works, the fact I couldn't easily find a list of half-way decent or well-regarded superhero comics from the decade of Image and Marvels struck me as kind of odd, so I thought I'd make one of my own here for future reference.

Please note that I said "half-way decent or well-regarded," and didn't say "books I'd endorse as the best books ever and defend against all comers." In fact, some of these I personally don't like at all, and maybe one (not the one you think) would make a personal top 100 comics of the decade list. But I'm sure there were a lot of pretty good superhero comics that decade. Weren't there? Here's what I could come up with:

* 1963, Alan Moore and Various
* Ambush Bug Nothing Special, Robert Loren Fleming and Keith Giffen
* Animal Man, Peter Milligan
* Astro City, Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson
* Aztek the Ultimate Man, Grant Morrison and Mark Millar and N. Steven Harris
* Avengers, Kurt Busiek and George Perez
* Batman: Blades, James Robinson and Tim Sale
* Batman: Faces, Matt Wagner
* Batman: Gothic, Grant Morrison and Klaus Janson
* Batman/Grendel, Matt Wagner
* Batman: Mad Love, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
* Batman: The Long Halloween, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
* Black Panther, Christopher Priest and Mark Texeira
* Cable, Joe Casey and Jose Ladronn
* Captain America, Mark Wait and Ron Garney (their first run)
* Chase, D. Curtis Johnson and JH Williams
* Daredevil, Karl Kesel and Cary Nord
* Daredevil, Karl Kesel/Joe Kelly and Gene Colan
* Daredevil: Man Without Fear, Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.
* Deadpool, Joe Kelly and Various
* Dr. Strange: What Is It That Disturbs You Stephen? Marc Andreyko and P. Craig Russell
* final run of comics in Animal Man and Doom Patrol, Grant Morrison and Various
* final run of comics in Legion of Super-Heroes by Keith Giffen and Tom Bierbaum and Mary Bierbaum
* final run of comics in Suicide Squad, John Ostrander
* final run of comics in Zot!, Scott McCloud
* Elektra Lives Again, Frank Miller and Lynn Varley
* Enigma, Duncan Fegredo and Peter Milligan
* Excalibur, Alan Davis' run
* Firearm, James Robinson and Various
* Flaming Carrot, Bob Burden
* Flash, Mark Waid and Mike Weiringo
* Flex Mentallo, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
* Foolkiller, Steve Gerber
* Grendel Tales, Various
* Hitman, Garth Ennis and John McCrea
* Incredible Hulk, Peter David and Variouis Including Dale Keown and Gary Frank
* Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect, Peter David and George Perez
* Incredible Hulk Vs. Superman, Roger Stern and Steve Rude
* JLA, Grant Morrison and Howard Porter
* John Byrne's Next Men, John Byrne
* Judge Dredd, John Wagner
* Kingdom Come, Mark Waid and Alex Ross
* Madman by Mike Allred
* Marvels, Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross
* MAXX, Sam Kieth
* Miracleman, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham
* New Warriors #1-25, Fabian Niceza and Mark Bagley
* Nexus: Alien Justice, Mike Baron and Steve Rude
* Nexus: Executioner's Song, Mike Baron and Steve Rude
* Nexus: Nightmare in Blue, Mike Baron and Steve Rude
* Nexus: The Origin, Mike Baron and Steve Rude
* Nexus: The Wages of Sin, Mike Baron and Steve Rude
* Power & Glory, Howard Chaykin
* Quantum and Woody, Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright
* Sandman Mystery Theatre, Matt Wagner, Steven T. Seagle and Guy Davis
* Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen
* Spectacular Spider-Man, JM Dematteis and Sal Buscema
* Starman, James Robinson and Tony Harris
* Stormwatch (final issues)/The Authority, Warren Ellis and Various Including Bryan Hitch
* Superman Adventures Scott McCloud/Mark Millar Issues
* Superman For All Seasons, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
* Supreme, Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse
* "The American Evolution," Legends of the DC Universe #14, Mark Evanier and Steve Rude
* The Batman Adventures, Kelley Puckett and Mike Parobeck
* The Demon Garth Ennis and John McCrea
* The Golden Age, James Robinson and Paul Smith
* The Invisbles, Grant Morrison and Various
* The Jam, Bernie Mireault
* Untold Tales of Spider-Man, Kurt Buisek and Pat Oliffe
* Vigilante: City Lights, Prarie Justice, James Robinson and Tony Salmons
* WildCATS Vol. 2, Various
* World's Finest, Dave Gibbons and Steve Rude
* Youngblood, Alan Moore and Steve Skroce

Others written in that I've either 1) never seen or heard of, 2) seen but thought they were so terrible I can't even begin to see someone else's view that they're good, or 3) haven't seen or barely seen and just don't know the person recommending them to me so I can't speak for their taste, include: Impulse, Nightwing, Robin, Young Justice, Chronos, DC One Million, Tangent Comics, Batman: No Man's Land, Hourman, Resurrection Man, JLA: The Nail, Spider-Man 2099, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Justice League Europe, Avengers #314-318, Thunderbolts, New Warriors, JLA Year One, Supergirl, Aquaman, Static, Catalysts: Agents of Change, Barb Wire, Swamp Thing (Morrison and Millar), Ghost, Prime, Violator, Will to Power, Thor (DeFalco and Frenz), Thunderstrike, Maximum Carnage, The Clone Saga.

The most depressing letters were those that 1) thought I was speaking about all comics not just superheroes, 2) subsequently upbraided me for Hellboy and Sandman not being on the list rather than noting the absence of ACME Novelty Library and Palestine.

There's a good thread here with contributions from Abhay Khosla.

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