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November 15, 2004

Lookit What We Bought: Disney on CrossGen Purchases

In a turn of events that no doubt sent some intern scrambling to find out who currently owns the Seaboard/Atlas characters, The Hollywood Reporter and the Reuters wire service are running this article on Disney obtaining the CrossGen Entertainment company assets, a more aggressive PR-driven spin on previously reported news of a Disney-affiliated bid that ended the company's bankruptcy assets auction. The article is worth checking out for hints that DC may combine the not-quite-successful line's characters with some of the web applications that the Tampa-based publisher was developing for targeted on-line endeavors.

imageNewsarama follows up with some thorough reportage on implications for the J.M. Dematteis/Mike Ploog fantasy property Abadazad, which had been in dispute between the creators and the bankrupt CrossGen, by noting that Disney has immediate plans for that title through its Hyperion prose line. They also squeeze some perspective from their Disney contact that Disney's acquisition is part of a plan to check out the fruits of U.S. comics companies and see if a movie or 50 could fly, and which titles appealed to them.

If nothing else, the sudden reversal of interest, or at least reversal in rhetoric surrounding same, should convince even the most skeptical comics is in a new era of fevered outside money interest.

In other news, late last week word popped up that Bill Rosemann had landed in a new position created for him at DC Comics. Rosemann left DC competitor Marvel after a successful run to take a position at CrossGen, where he was in many ways that company's last significant hire and the public point man during the initial stages of its decline.
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