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July 28, 2014

Drawn And Quarterly Announces A 25th Anniversary Book, A Revamped Web Site And Several 2015 Projects


Drawn And Quarterly's Tracy Hurren and Julia Pohl-Miranda held a publishing news panel on Saturday at Comic-Con International. It was attended by about 40 fans and press members, pretty solid for 10 in the morning. In quiz-show format -- with prizes for correct answers -- Hurren and Pohl-Miranda walked their way through some potential highlights of the next few seasons. I'm going to focus on 2015 works, just because the other works have been previously announced and because my morning meeting ran long and it takes forever to get anywhere at that show now. I think I would have anyway.

* January 2015 will see the release of Michael DeForge's First Year Healthy, which like a lot of DeForge's work has had a life on-line in serial form. That should be 30 pages, which they'll make into a hardcover picture book for $14.95.

* D+Q announced they'll be working with the Eisner Award-winning translator and manga scholar Ryan Holmberg, on what sounded like more than one project -- or at least what is a first project with hopefully more to come. The collaboration we'll see first is set for February: Trash Market, by Tadao Tsuge. That book will collect a bunch of short stories from Garo as assembled and put into context by Holmberg. That should run 272 pages, and retail for $22.95.

* one book I'm very much looking forward to next year is SuperMutant Magic Academy, the collection of Jillian Tamaki's on-line comics of that name. That's going to be 224 pages and retail for $19.95. The interesting thing about this one is they said Tamaki will be doing enough new work to finish up the SMMA storyline in that single volume. It will be mostly black and white, with some color. We should see that in May, which I bet means a TCAF debut.

* the reprint of Melody by Sylvie Rancourt will be of the original comics written and drawn by the cartoonist, and feature a translation by Helge Dascher. Chris Ware volunteered to do the preface because of his affection for those comics. That will be $22.95 retail and run about 350 pages.

* Zack Davisson is working with them on bringing Shigeru Mizuki's Hitler into English-language publication. The publishing date on that one is less certain: probably early 2016, maybe late 2015. That will be one 300-page volume, and will most likely appear in softcover.

* the last book announced at the panel was Drawn And Quarterly: 25 years Of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics And Graphic Novels. That will be a 512 page hardcover out in May 2015, unless I totally screwed that up. That will include essays, historical material, and an interview with company founder Chris Oliveros. Michael DeForge, Guy Delisle and Lisa Hanawalt are among the artists contributing brand-new work. Margaret Atwood is set to write about Kate Beaton. That's the cover by Chester Brown up top.

Hurren and Pohl-Miranda closed the show with a sneak preview of the D+Q web site revamp, which should launch between August 1 and August 4. It seems very content driven, less concerned with design peccadilloes of 15 years ago -- most notably the studio/office advent calendar style interface -- and with the ability to drive people to site orders more effectively. They also promised they've been saving blog posts to have fresh content for several days in a row after launch.



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