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December 14, 2006

F-Minus Strip Hits Day After Nerve

On Tuesday, 16-year-old Philadelphia high school student Shane Halliagan fired a gun at a school before turning it on himself, ending his life. A cause? Pressure for better grades. The next day, former college cartooning superstar and now syndicated cartoonist Tony Carillo's F-Minus strip features a troubled teen named Shane for whom it's suggested grades might be a problem.

And just like that, Tony Carillo gets the kind of feature article that cartoonists who play around with rough humor dread. Not that it was Carillo's intent to provide commentary of even the most oblique kind: the strip was likely done four to six weeks earlier.

It's interesting to note that Carillo didn't use a odd or outdated name, like Hubert or Percival, which is the way many cartoonists try to avoid this kind of ugly coincidence.
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