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January 12, 2015

Festivals Extra: ReedPOP Joins Forces With ECCC

I forgot this was out there in rumor form so I forgot to go looking when it finally became a news story: Emerald City Comic Con, the very successful and much-liked Seattle show, is partnering with ReedPOP -- they're the folks behind a bunch of shows but the ones that inform this story are C2E2 and NYCC. That makes total sense from both ends -- Emerald City is that big now, and they've become that way without a lot of infrastructure. ReedPOP wants to dominate the convention space and is expanding abroad. This makes sense on the homefront. There are two or three other shows that could eventually be partners, too, if they want to continue in that direction.

What might be the best outcome is if some of the magic that ECCC works with creators can inform the culture of the ReedPOP shows, which are succesfful but to my mind don't have that kind of feverish affection.
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