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December 29, 2015

Festivals Extra: Society Of Illustrators Announces M Prizes For Comic/Cartoon Art

R. Sikoryak sent out a press release on behalf of his work with the Comic & Cartoon Annual and supporting competition, a program he runs with Lauren Weinstein on behalf of the Society Of Illustrators. As explained here, the cash award come in the memory of Timothy Patrick Moynihan, who passed away last January.

What this means is that Gold Medal winners will receive $200 and Silver Medal winners $100 in the yearly competition, in addition to publication and having their work shown and the general resumé-style bump. I think this will be good for the competition, too, as it means that someone winning one of the top two designations will not be out the money needed to apply. I think that's a psychological thing that will really work on some people, as silly as it may sound explained. In general, that's a nice way to honor the artist and I'm all for however much cash can go to artists going to artists.
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