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March 10, 2016

Festivals Extra: SPX Results Back With Applicants

imageThe SPX lottery has given us its 2016 round of winners and losers, informed today of the outcome. I don't even know how that lottery is physically done, but I like to think it involves Warren Bernard having a few drinks and throwing darts at a couple of interns covered in post-it notes. (You can sort of figure it out from posts like this one.)

Seriously, though, it's a unique part of comics culture that such an important show has a significant element of non-curation, as befits its wide-open mission. I like it. Congratulations to those that will be exhibiting and I'm sorry to those of you denied that opportunity. I hope you'll still attend, and network, and sell/trade some books to people on the other sides of the table and the like. I plan to be there, and would like to meet you.
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