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February 26, 2007

Funky Winkerbean Raises Eyebrows

imageIf I'm reading this and this correctly, an episode of Funky Winkerbean from late last week that hinted at a soldier in Iraq falling prey to an IED in what was actually a video game led to a complaint by a soldier in one case and concern by editors in both. This in turn led to a call from one of the editors to King Features demanding a better heads-up on sensitive material or they would cancel all of their King Features material, and an apology sent to each paper by Tom Batiuk. There's something that seems odd to me about this, like we're not getting the full story one way or the other, and it doesn't help that the material doesn't seem available to look at at its usual sites. That could be just my remembering there's a Columbus, Georgia near Fort Benning and not just the Columbus in Ohio, though.

One thing this would underline is one of the great truths of the newspaper strip business -- editors hate getting complaints about comic strips, to the point that if I could make that italicized word "hate" burst into flame for emphasis, I would.

Double-checking just now, Alan Gardner caught this, too.

two of you were nice enough to e-mail me the cartoon; and one of you was nice enough to let me know that Josh has it up at Comics Curmudgeon
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