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March 3, 2010

Go, Bookmark: Tsuge Interview

imageConventional wisdom suggests there are many things going on in the world of comics that are more worthy of news attention than a French-language iteration of a long, 1980s interview with Yoshiharu Tsuge that ran in L'Homme sans talent. However, one of the great things about covering an art form is that you can make time for these things the same way you can the bolt out of the blue, industry-churning kind of events, and that you can make case for the importance of finding out why artists as great as Tsuge function the way they do.

Although translating an interview twice (once into French; a second time into English via google) is just enough of a game of Telephone that you're likely to come away confused at times, there's a ton here that's informative and highly rewarding. For example, there's a moment where he's talking about how he's unsuited to walking as exercise either because while he's doing it he feels like shit or that he feels like taking a shit. On the other hand, both are funny. Most of the interview is, really. It's driven by Tsuge's massive, continental-shelf indifference towards continuing his comics career -- he didn't! -- as opposed to owning an antique store, and it's sprinkled with all these weird asides, like he was at one point planning on doing a comics version of Thunderbirds.
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