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June 6, 2016

Go, Look: Dave Gibbons Not Consulted On DC’s Present Use Of Watchmen Characters In Rebirth

You can look at the video here. It's too ugly for me to want to post it.

It was a big deal back in 2012 that Dave Gibbons was on board in some undefined capacity to some undefined extent in a way that involved any number of qualifications and/or caveats with the Before Watchmen project.

According to the above video, Gibbons' wasn't a voice they consulted before the use of those characters and that setting in this new line-wide Rebirth initiative, whose first dedicated comic book issue suggests that the last DC reboot was the in-continuity work of that meddling, god-like scientist Dr. Manhattan, perhaps because he saw the future and learned his cock wouldn't be welcome in the pages of a standard DC book. There's an argument to be had for the speed required to turn this new comic around and thus not opening the project up to the risk of complaint, and an argument to be had that this isn't about that story and thus consulting isn't necessarym and there's an argument to be had for "We just own the goddman thing. Deal with it." I doubt we'll ever know which one's at the front of the line here.

There have been few creators working in any medium with the combination of track record and potential that Alan Moore enjoyed in the late 1980s. I mention that only because hey, imagine what an entertainment company could justify doing to you. Lawyer up, kids. Barring that? Maybe keep walking.
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