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August 7, 2014

Go, Read: Other Responses To The Mike Dawson Essay

While the primary response to Mike Dawson's pair of middle-aged cartoonist essays (1, 2) in terms of attention were Abhay Khosla's pair of posts (1, 2), there have been a bunch of other responses -- I could probably do a short book out of my e-mails. Two that are in public that I read just now were substantive replies from Nick Mullins and Sam Henderson, two cartoonists with a profile similar to Dawson's. I'd say Mullins has a smaller profile; Henderson a slightly larger one, so it works out pretty well that way. They also mirror Dawson in that they talk about their own low sales numbers.

Here's one by Aaron King that came between the Khoslas. Here's The Beat and various commenters. Here's Darryl Ayo after the first Abhay Khosla piece. I blabbed as only a man avoiding work can blab here. Here's another piece from The Beat that I originally encountered on one of those sites that just lifts content whole hog.

There's likely some others out there, which I'll add here as I discover them. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) I think the conversation is important not for who wins the argument but for the information and practical advice that may result, and the attention to the meager rewards sometimes waiting for someone that's doing art.
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