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June 1, 2016

Go, Read: Praise For Mike Mignola’s Run With Hellboy

imageThis is nice. It looks like there was a PR push for articles about Mike Mignola and his coming to an ending point with original work on the Hellboy character he created, marked by the publication of Hellboy In Hell #10 -- that series' final issue. That character and its universe will support many more comics for years to come, but not by Mignola, so not in the same way.

The artist is taking a year for light supervisory duties on some of the comics and making his focus painting. While there's an impulse in fandom assisted by companies who want maximum profit to claim ownership over characters, many of whom aren't tied into a specific artist, Mignola's always been clearly in charge of Hellboy and I think even the most fervent fans of his work are thus happy for his making choices like this one.

Here's an article in Paste. Here's LA Times. Here's The Guardian.
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