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October 3, 2007

Has the Recent Bangladeshi Cartoon Incident Led to Deaths in Nigeria?

There seem to be a number of distressing yet important stories this morning regarding various protests and turmoil related to cartoon depictions of the prophet Muhammed in various places throughout the world:

* This piece dissects and analyzes a recent news story that the cartoon by Arifur Rahman that used a Muhammed-related piece of wordplay

* Not that this is important in any way, but this is the first place I've seen that puts Rahman at 23 years old as opposed to 20. Also the first picture I've seen.

* Flemming Rose attempts to process the information that he may have been a target of a group of terrorists currently on trial in Odense, as reported. He does a much better job of it than I would were our situations reversed. It's probably worth noting that I say "may have been" not because he wasn't named -- he was -- but as both articles point out in fascinating fashion, this kind of threat often exists on the borderline between playfully joking around with an idea and becoming an actual locked-in plot.

* This piece in The Guardian takes a hard look at the practice of policing potentially offensive speech.

* The dense block of text kept driving my eyes right off the screen, but I think this is a close look at the role of religious tolerance plays in such events, courtesy of someone who has worked on and advised newspapers on such matters.

* One of the more distressing events of 2006's Danish Cartoon-related violence was the slaying of a priest in Turkey, Father Andrea Santoro. A Turkish court has upheld their 19-year sentence against the 16-year-old who performed the killing.
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