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May 8, 2012

Hero Initiative Sees Approximately $1100 Thus Far In Avengers Movie Related Donations

imageHero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin told CR today that the comics-related charity, whose mission is to help creators in need, has received approximately $1100 so far in donations related to the Avengers film. That movie is currently soaking up a small nation's worth of gross national product in world cinematic multiplexes ($683 million by Tuesday morning). The bulk of the donated money has come from on-line sources -- McLauchlin goes to a PO Box once a week and plans to visit on Friday for what he expects to be a few more donations. He told CR the organization expects the vast majority of these donations to coincide with the film's opening weekend.

It had been suggested in a variety of places (including here when noting such instances) that informed fans with lingering doubts as to Marvel's history with the treatment of creators and specifically those creators involved with the characters in the Avengers film might match their ticket price with a donation, or otherwise see that some money gets to the Hero Initiative coffers.

I would describe McLauchlin as extremely positive about the monies raised. He noted that one nice thing about this money is the organization did nothing in terms of soliciting it -- any money brought in will be a straight-up bonus to their usual fundraising efforts. He also noted a personal fascination with what gets people to respond to a charitable call like this one.

A brief check with another organization mentioned in some on-line calls for Avengers-related charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, returned a report of no perceptible increase in weekend donations.
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