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June 30, 2006

Heroes Con Gets Underway Today

imageI'm not usually one to note every convention out there, and Heroes Con has been an advertiser here for a couple of months so I open myself up to charges of of playing favorites, but I think it's worth noting that a lot of people want this weekend's Charlotte-located show to succeed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:
1. The show has a bigger-than-usual guest list this year, partly from professionals that grew sympathetic to Heroes after an attempt last year by Wizard Entertainment to host a competing show in Atlanta after assurances they would not do so on the same weekend. Wizard later backed off. It also has a sizeable indy and arts comics presence for a show of this type.

2. The comics industry lacks a big show in the traditional Southeast outside of Florida, although those are good markets for comics and a lot of professionals live there.

3. Heroes organizer Shelton Drum of Heroes Aren't Hard to Find seems well-liked by a lot of industry professionals.

So good luck to them. In addition to those reasons, there are a couple more that make conventions like these a little more important than usual. Bigger regional shows like Heroes that live right on the cusp of being a big national affair are a great thing because the next generation of passionate comics readers -- tomorrow's devoted comics fans, industry professionals and cartoonists -- can't always travel to New York, Chicago or San Diego and a lot of their interaction with the art form is going to depend on their experiences over a weekend at a regional con. I know when I was growing up, Chicago was a big trip for me, and I only spent a couple of hours there (mostly buying stuff I couldn't find in Indiana). Also, shows like this tend to be the same size that shows used to be when there was a lot of cross-pollination between comics "camps" and the weekend moved at a slow enough pace for people to meet and hang out with various groups of people within comics, unlike bigger shows where things tend to move towards fragmentation. I imagine everyone in Charlotte should have a pretty good time.
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