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June 20, 2008

Heroes Con Opens With Rumors About…

... of a major shake-up at DC Comics. I have no idea if they're true; I've been at the gym and I forgot my phone. I just spoke to DC public point man and recently much maligned editorial sword point Dan Didio at about 8:00 AM ET on his way back into the Westin from a jog, but it's not like I asked that kind of question. That would be rude, even for me. He's on a panel of mine today in two and a half hours, so I guess we'll know more by then. Or not. I don't know. I would suspect since most folks are in Charlotte, the best place to keep updated is here or here.

I guess there's a chance there could be another story a-brewin' and people just naturally assume that it's a DC Comics story and so that rumor heats up, too. Rumors! If they worked according to logic, they'd be news. Wait, here it is: CBR confirms that John Nee has resigned from his position as senior vice president of business development at DC. Nee joined DC in 1998 as part of the WildStorm acquisition, and was named to his last post in September 2007.
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