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September 17, 2007 August 2007 DM Estimates

imageThe comics business news and analysis site offers their usual array of lists, estimates and analysis regarding the performance of comic books and graphic novels in the Direct Market of comic and hobby shops, this time for August 2007.

* Overview
* Top 300 Comic Books
* Top 100 Graphic Novels

The thing that leaps out at me is the significant gains by DC's weekly series Countdown this month to last, although the figures during the month undergo the same rate of decline. I have no idea why this is, and other than pointing at it and saying "Well, how about that!" there's no help to be had there, either. It could be a sudden, one-time surge in interest genuinely felt by readers that just happened to be anticipated by retailers, some sort of supportive effort by DC through incentives and the like, a spike in terms of a character or event I'm not close enough to the title to see, or maybe a shift in ordering because of the way the title supports returns or re-orders after a certain issue or something. If someone better accustomed to finding out what the companies are doing sales-wise can offer a credible suggestions, I'll write of it in a follow-up post.

Other than that, it seems like a lot of jostling up top for the simple matter of continuing to appear up top. Plus, the Stephen King franchise Dark Tower seems to have finished its run as a great success -- quadruply so for its non-superhero subject matter, although some folks with a wider perspective might choose to see the limitations inherent in only reaching a number equivalent to half the population of Fort Wayne, Indiana with such a big property.
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